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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How Sharp are We? Sunday, October 19, 2012

Sunday's 100 Words
Change of perspective. I saw “Into the Woods” Saturday with two age-mates and my daughter. Linda reported we each napped during the performance. I thought I was the only one who could no longer focus attention consistently for two hours. Linda directed my driving as if I were a teen on a learner’s permit. After lunch, I fetched the car so we would arrive at the theater on time. All applauded that I found it. In fact, the car found me; the emergency button sounded when I was in its vicinity. A bit of Luck after a moment of panic!
As caregivers for Alzheimer's diseased loved ones, we are both omnipotent and fragile. There is so much more we must accomplish and fewer skills as we age with which to do so. The stress is exhausting, the waiting is strenuous and the expectation of my own not-so-distant disability potential frightens me more each month. I am becoming more involved in marketing my new book Put That Knife Away-Alzheimer's, Marriage and My Transformation from Wife to Caregiver. The publicity in the local paper was fun and sales are increasing, albeit slowly for now.
Everyone who reads my book has something good to say about the experience. "It is easy to read," "It is hard to put down." A woman I know has asked her grown daughters to read it too. "We have never been touched by this problem," she confided, "so we need to be educated, to be prepared to help each other or friends whose loved ones are effected."
My husband's teen aged granddaughters wrote their grandfather a note this week with their school pictures attached. "We miss you soooo much, more than you will ever know." He showed me the pictures and said "family." Right on! Keep those cards and pictures coming. They are so important as they kindle the remaining lights which shine for another moment as his darkness grows within.

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