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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Facing our issues February 24, 2013


Sunday morning, and it is a Jewish holiday called Purim; my daughter and grandson will accompany me to the annual carnival which celebrates using feminine allure to sway the decisions of a king to save the Jewish community from destruction by a despot! Last evening I attended a screening of an Israeli film which portrayed the difficulties of preparing for life as kibbutz residents age and their children move on with their lives away from community. Melodrama ruled as old sexual relationships surfaced which destroyed families from within. The message indeed-- we are all perennially faced with conflict; how we face these issues is what matters most.

As caregivers for Alzheimer’s and other dementia afflicted loved ones, we learn to take one day at a time, to place one step, breathe and go on to the next step as Robin Roberts said in her moving episode on 20/20 last night about her recovery from serious illness.

We must save our worrying energy for the times of crisis and lessen any tension we feel by asking for help when we need it, by accepting ourselves and our limitations, by emphasizing our strengths and our skills, by being there for our families and friends, reaching out to others in need and enjoying each day to the fullest.

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