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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Have you checked your prongs recently? August 14, 2013

Here's the backstory:

A few months ago, I stopped in at a jeweler on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to have safety catches placed on two of my bracelets so I wouldn't lose them. The jeweler offered to repoint my diamond engagement ring. I would have had to leave the ring over the weekend and pay $100.00. Not feeling any loose prong in the ring, I declined.

Now for the drama:

Last night I decided to cook dinner, not merely to put food together. I had a ripe mango and a chicken breast and I cut up all the veggies in the frig, cooked some rice and invited my son to join me for an early dinner and then for a sunset swim at the community pool.

After dinner I washed up the dishes before serving some fresh cold watermelon for dessert. As I sat down to pick up my fork, I noticed the diamond missing from the raw empty hole of my ring!!!

Steve to the rescue:

He looked into the garbage disposal with a flashlight, saw a shining object, removed the disposal and coaxed the diamond from where it was wedged.

Yes, we went for a swim. Steve sat in the hot tub as his back was really aching from working under the sink and I sat by the side of the pool drinking some wine I had poured  into a plastic water bottle until I could stop shaking!

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