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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Honey or Vinegar--Which works better? October 15, 2013

What happens when things don't go my way? When my expectations are shattered? When my time is compromised? When something, anything breaks, slows down, interrupts what I am doing or planning to do?
How do you react? It happens to all of us at one point or another, sometimes it seems as if EVERYTHING is not "going my way."
I see how others react and I see that my reactions have changed as I have aged. I also see that others have certain expectations of how I "should" react or how they KNOW I Would react and they base their responses on my imagined ones. Really, those who have known me for a long time, feel they can anticipate my reactions and they are so very surprised when they don't get the reaction they expected to my disappointment.
When I am disappointed in a performance for which I have purchased a ticket, I can now walk out and use my time differently. I no longer have to remain in my seat. When my refrigerator first malfunctioned I simply called for a repair and waited patiently for my scheduled appointment.
When a phone call doesn't materialize or a text is sent instead of a call, I understand that technology has speeded ahead of me and that the rules of social behavior have changed.
When I see injustice toward the folks I love, I seethe and suggest many remedies but somehow when injustice is levelled at me I seem to respond in a more passive, accepting way that surprises my friends.
When my husband's physical care was less than perfect a few months ago, I spoke, wrote letters, challenged the status quo until the situation was remedied to my satisfaction--to my son's chagrin, I was a bit more vinegary than sweet.
But now that after six visits for each of which I had to wait five or six hours, my refrigerator was pronounced "Unrepairable" I was so sweet on the telephone with customer services my friend was appalled and took the phone and the responsibility for fighting for my just due from me! 
I fight for others better than I fight for myself. When do we accept what happens to us calmly and when is it not only permissable but necessary to fight for recompense for the negative surprises in life?
Refrigerators used to last fifteen to twenty years or even longer. Now they are prorated to last ten years! They have motherboards in their computers, sensors, water filters and immediate ice makers, but they don't maintain adequate cooling or freezing temperatures. Technology again going way past me and not to my liking. I sound like an old codger

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