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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Commanding November 13, 2013

Who likes to be told what to do? Who likes to be ordered around by a demanding, insistent spouse?
I do and of course I'll relate the story:

I arrived early at the memory care enter on Veteran's Day to check that my husband was well groomed for the annual event. He was quiet and complied willingly as I decided he should have clean khakis to wear. We walked together calmly to the Day Club where the service for the veterans was being set up outside by the flagpole. The only spot with a bit of shade was in the last row in the corner where we headed.
As soon as we were seated, another resident and his wife joined us and she is my witness to the conversation that ensued.
Bob: I want to sit up front
Me, surprised: Sorry those empty seats are for the flag bearers.
Bob: Let's get out of here
Me: Soon we'll go feed the ducks in the pond, after the singing.
Bob: Get the car
Me:shocked surprise at  this lucid, clear well articulated demand.

We did sit through the short flag-raising service where my Army veteran husband was given a scroll of appreciation and a small flag in honor of his service to our country as were  56 other residental and day club participants and our director who was handsomely attired in his Air Force Major uniform.

Bob continued to be clear and direct all afternoon, not liking the park "too hot" and saying he's hungry. We went to his favorite fast food restaurant where he ate a whole cheeseburger, french fries and a vanilla milkshake, delightedly. He needed assistance which my son gladly provided; we love to see him eat! Hospice has re-evaluated him and finds him not eligible which is good. There are still events in which he can participate with some joy and he can feel some success in having me do as he wishes.

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