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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day June 15, 2014

What do you get for a father who has Alzheimer's disease when it's Father's Day? How do we show him he's special when he doesn't even know maybe who we are?
There are the easy things like vanilla milk shakes and French fries; he likes those any day. A walk outdoors is a favorite activity for him and so is playing catch with him --until he says "enough." or moves his hand from side to side indicating "finished."

The funny thing is we can repeat the walk and the game a few minutes later and he willl enjoy both activities again. Sometimes he will draw with colored pencils or markers; he also enjoys looking at magazine pictures, turning the pages and tearing out the enclosed advertising cards which are often attached to the pages.

For all the fathers in the country who have Alzheimer's disease, use today to make a contribution to the Alzheimer's Association 
For all the fathers out there who are spending the day caring for their beloved wives, make a contribution.
For all the fathers out there who are visiting their parents, caring for their parents who have any kind of dementia, make a contribution to help fund research to discover the cure for this devastating progressive neurological condition.

For all of us who know a father who has Alzheimer's disease, phone or visit; support the family by your presence. 

There is something you can do.

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