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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Setting Goals December 30, 2014

When folks start talking about new year's resolutions, in my head I go "Been there, done that" my life is just the same, year in and year out. What goals do I need to set?

But last night my grandson told me a story that merits a bit of mindfulness--I asked after his other grandparents who are a few years older than I. "They just came back from Hawaii where they have a time share," he reported.
"Great," I answered, "they have a whole group of friends thay bought the time share with many years ago."
"But they went alone this time bcause all of thier friends have died." 
He said it so matter-of-factly. I was surprised. "Isn't that upsetting to you?" I asked.
"You know Grandma, they all smoked and drank and so they got sick and died. My Nana and Pop_Pop don't do those things. They eat right, Pop-Pop doesn't hear very well, but otherwise they're fine. They miss their friends, though."

So I realize it is good to take stock of myself at the end of the year, be mindful of what I do, proud of my accomplishments in order to be able to look forward to a year of the same--
Another year like this
one will suit me just fine.

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