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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finally a List of Fish that We are Safe to Eat March 14, 2015

There is so much mercury in fish and so many toxins as well as many fish that have been overcaught and are near extinction, that the variety I like to choose from is limited.
If you are lucky enough to have line caught freshwater fish, enjoy. Those of us who depend on fish that is commercially caught, restaurant-served or bought frozen at the market, now have a list of fish we can   choose from without concern.
  • Snapper from the Gulf of Mexico
  • Rockfish caught by hook and line
  • Atlantic Halibut
  • American Eel
  • Pacific Halibut
  • Yelloweye Rockfish
  • Yellowtail Rockfish
  • United States Haddock
  • Widow Rockfish
  • Sablefish (California, Oregon, or Washington)
  • Black Cod (Alaska and Canada)
  • Vermilion Snapper
  • Whiteleg Shrimp
  • Tai Snapper
  • Black Sea Bass
  • Freshwater Eel
  • California Halibut

Remember that all fish contain mercury, but you can still have your fish and eat it too if you make your choices from the list above.

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  1. You must really like fish. A small Midwestern market exists for walleye. Don't miss it if you ever get a chance. Bake it and then dip in melted butter. When Matt caught a 5-pounder, 2007, Joe at the boat rental said, "Lobster of the lake," and ever since, we've always brought some home.