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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday-Wednesday, October 11-12- Supplements

 When my husband first noticed he was becoming forgetful, I discussed the topic with my friends, one of whom suggested I read a book about memory. I read Dr. Weill’s book and had Bob take the tests at the end of each chapter. The results of the tests indicated which supplements Bob needed, so we ordered the supplements and for a whole year, Bob took seventeen pills each day to help him remember to empty the pan under the boiler, to put Rid-x into the toilets each month and other routine homecare tasks which he had been doing for almost 40 years.
I decided to take some of the supplements, too. CoQ-10, vitamin e, a multi-vitamin with minerals for those 50 plus were on my list, along with the calcium and fiber. Neither one of us noticed any difference, none of our physical exams showed any changes as we didn’t have vitamin deficiencies because we eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, even though Bob never liked whole grains and preferred white bread and white rice.
So now two studies out this week begin to indicate that vitamins and supplements which are not needed to correct a deficiency, do nothing to support good health and in excess, some might even be harmful. We all need to check with our physicians and see what we can eliminate from our daily doses of supplements as we increase our intake of fruits and veggies.

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