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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

It is 6:15 a.m. on the Fourth of July in Mesa, AZ where my smartphone tells me also that it is 80 degrees outside with light rain. I see no sign of precipitation as I head out for my walk, protected by a light layer of grey cloud. By 7 I turn to head back home as a jack rabbit scurries across my path. A neighbor has warned me of rattlesnake sightings so I am watchful. What I feel instead is a drop of water on my arm. I check my water bottle for a leak. But no, another drop falls and another. I stretch my arms out to capture as many drops as I can. As I cross the street the three drivers of the cars that pass have not turned on their windshield wipers; not even that much energy needs to be expended, but the drivers know that later, each drop will leave its mark with a small circle of dust on the surface of the car.

The trip to the dentist went well yesterday, with Bob cooperating with the hygienist who provided a letter to remind the staff at the memory care center to brush Bob's teeth as his gums are tender and bleed easily, but he has no visible cavities. Immediately as we left the office, Bob decided he wanted to see some tools, so this time we went to a Sears store in the mall, entering directly by the huge ride-on lawn mowers and all of the bright red Craftsman tool displays. "I am overwhelmed," Bob exclaimed.
Steve steered Bob to the large wrenches and long screw drivers where there were several new non-electric handtools which had a "try me" tag. They explored happily for more than 30 minutes before Bob said he needed a restroom.
After spending another hour walking in the mall for exercise and sitting in the food court people watching, Bob had enough. Walking to the car was tiring and confusing as there are so many sources of stimulation and For Sale signs for Bob to ponder. He noted that the clothing "was all for children." When we returned to Sears to leave by the same entrance through which we arrived, we spent another 15 minutes in the tool aisle as Bob did not remember having been there before.

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