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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Science News Tuesday July 17, 2012

There's a conference being held this week in Vancouver of the International Alzheimer's Association . One paper has focused on sleep and suggests we get no more or less than seven hours of sleep during any 24, whether long stretches at night or by napping if we want to keep our minds from declining. So wake up, couch potatoes and do something active, like answering emails, reading my blog or figuring out a puzzle.
In the beginning stage of my husband's illness he slept 14-16 hours each day which made me believe he was depressed, but then he was awake more and his anxiety increased. Now six years later, my husband takes only one short nap in the afternoon and he sleeps 6-7 hours each night. Perfect, with very reduced anxiety, but unfortunately his disease progresses anyway.
He still remembers to ask me to take him to the store so he can see tools; he even bought a set of chisels on Sunday, but he placed them in the back of the car and then totally forgot they were there.

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