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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Generations November 13, 2012

11/12/12 celebrated a private event for my family as well as the national event of Veteran's Day. We attended a local parade where we watched my nine year-old Webelo scout march with his troop. We saw the banner which read "Never will one group of veterans forget another" as we did with the Vietnam War. The number of World War II veterans is becoming very small with each being driven in a car along the route.
In the afternoon we took our own Korean War veteran out to dinner. Grant helped Grandpa Bob into the car and fastened his seat belt. He sat across from Grandpa and made conversation, was kind and considerate and later he said solemnly, "I'm a scout. That's what scouts do."
The family event was the one hundred year anniversary of my mother's birth. As we shared anecdotes remembered from our relationships with her, I realized again how important it is to build family memories. My children were lucky to grow up living nearby to their grandparents; they have many warm memories to share with the next generation who knew her less as my older grandson was just a baby when his "Grandma Cookie" died. I am now fortunate to live near my two grandsons. What will they remember of me?

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