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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Predicitions? January 10, 2013

Along with resolutions, a new year is ripe for predictions for the next 12 months.Here's my example of why the predictions, and even mundane plans  for the immediate future don't always work the way we hope or expect them.
I looked through my guest linen closet before the arrival of winter visitors and I found a group of towels that were not wearing well; they were frayed at the edges. I decided to return them to the department store where they were purchased as they were the name brand of the store. I received a credit. Nice. While I was in the store already, I shopped in the t-shirt aisle, eventually trying on several shirts in the dressing room. I found a neat red t-shirt for $3.60. Great.
When I arrived home, I removed my good earings and discovered a back of one of them was missing. I could have lost the whole earring, so I was grateful, but when I travelled to the jewelry store, the replacements cost me $50.00 (the price of gold has soared) way more than the return on the towels!
I decided to return to the department store. Perhaps someone has found my earring back and turned it in. No such luck, so I checked the dressing room stall myself. Nothing.
 I spy a carpet sweeper in the corner. I find an employee ( almost as hard as finding an earring back) and get permission to empty the carpet sweeper. Donning plastic gloves, I open the doors on the bottom of the sweeper. I see something shining, in the silver color of white gold. Excitedly, I fish it out of the dust accumulated from the day's gleanings. It is one-half of a snap, not my earring back at all.
Even though I can't predict the outcome of my projects, I feel it is important not to give up. Others said the store would not take back the towels; some bemoaned my loss of dollars in the transaction. Some felt the whole thing was a waste of my time and effort. What do you think?

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