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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prevention Ideas Thursday, March 7, 2013

Harvard Studies reveal again today what we all know. Exercising one's brain is just as important as aerobic exercise in preventing plaques and tangles from forming. But we also know that my husband exercised his brain 24/7. He had more hobbies, carpentry, reading, sewing, collection of cookbooks, cooking new recipes, in addition to attending museums of history and art all over the world --- and without any known family history, he has Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists do know more these days about what the brain is made from and they recommend, beginning in middle age, that folks add fish oils, omega 3's and DHA plus coconut oil to their daily regimen, increasing the doses as we age. First they prevent, then they can help the brain repair itself.

Of course this is in addition to cleaning up our food intake. Science is now validating the Mediterranean diet--plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, fresh fish and small doses of non-GMO meats, plus small amounts of good not processed cheese.Plus of course olive oil and iodized sea salt.

Most of the Italian-style food in our chain restaurants is smothered in marinara or alfredo sauce and covered with parmesan cheese. Not in Italy. Most sauces are made of olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs with a bit of wine.

Let's reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease for the next generation--everyone who is younger than the BabyBoomers and let's help ourselves who are older nourish our brains as well as our bodies.

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