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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Almost Doesn't Count--or Does it? July 23, 2014

I have had an "almost" day today which has left me tired but grateful.

On my way to the courthouse in downtown Phoenix this morning, I was stymied by all the one way traffic with which I am not familiar and at one point I had to cross 5 lanes to make a right hand turn onto the street I needed . After navigating 4 lanes quckly and well, a small grey car appeared from nowhere slamming on his brakes just in time to let me make my turn immediately in front of him.

He followed me into the jurors' parking garage and asked to see my license and registration plus insurance card, which I clumsily produced. I still had to park the car several floors up,  walk to the corner and meet the shuttle bus to take me to the courthouse so I would not be late and face a penalty and a new date to appear!

I thanked him profusely for being such a good driver and apologized for not having seen him. I didn't realize he was a police officer until he told me he would not give me a ticket this time, but to be careful.

By the middle of the afternoon, my name was listed to be on a panel of prospective jurors. We were handed our number cards, herded to the seventh floor and waited some more. At long last a young blond woman in a calf length black robe appeared and told us the case was settled and we were dismissed! The third "almost."

On the way home, I realized the gas tank had only 36 miles left until empty and I was more than that away from home. I decided not to take the highway and stopped at two stations, waiting online until I realized the cars at the pumps had no drivers! Neither station had gasoline pumps that were operational! Driving slowly on the local streets, I finally found a station on my side of the road- no more crossing lanes today, thank you and arrived at the memory care center to see my dear husband cuddly wrapped in his favorite angel blanket from his bed, snuggled on a leather chair where others were watching tv. The staff member said he'd been content there since he arrived at two o"clock, not even asking for his milk and cookes.

So the temperature being 115, I came home to a cold glass of Prosecco, hummus, carrots and sugar snap peas.

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