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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday July 30, 2014

Yesterday, my dear husband's 85th birthday became an afternoon of joy for all the members of his memory care unit, the staff and the family visitors of other residents. My husband was the first to see the chocolate-iced, chocolate cake-- and the first to taste it too, but eveyone enjoyed eating the cake. The whole room was so quiet as they ate!!

They also enjoyed the tie-dye colored balloons our eleven year old grandson inflated  and tossed among the residents and guests. They were delighted to play and watch the younger folks chase the balloons!

And later we were all invited to the Day Club for the monthly gathering to celebrate all the July birthday folk-- residents, day clubbers and staff. More cake, candles to blow and songs to sing.

We build memories, we share joy wherever we can and feel good about ourselves for having done so. If nothing else, the residents are entertained for an afternoon, we see smiles and I saw a contented spouse ready to be tucked into his favorite leather chair with a cozy blanket for a late afternoon nap.

Birthdays are special. We remember them, look forward to them and use the date to check up on ourselves. Have we achieved our goals for the past year? Are we working toward special times or activities or celebrations? We are definitely grateful for the blessings of health and family we have and enjoy the company of family and friends.

All of those are missing when a person has Alzheimer's disease, especially once confined to a residential care setting. All my husband has is his awareness of the moment, and if life is good right now, that is all that counts. 

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