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Sunday, November 6, 2011

100 Words for Sunday, November 6, 2011

It is 74 degrees in the house as I dress in jeans and reach for my sweater. It has rained all night after a dust and wind storm that obliterated the mountains from view all day yesterday. Today the sky is a composite of shades of grey, but the world is light; it does not feel oppressive or gloomy as it might in the city. Although the media hyped up the storm and many cars collided, Arizonans love the change, the short respite from the sun and warmth. No need to find a tree to park the car under today.
And by the following afternoon the sun was shining again and the temperature had risen from 55 to 80, with a clear soft breeze.I find it amusing that I respond as an Arizonan, looking for a sweater indoors in weather I would be delighted to see in New York in short sleeves. I also cuddled myself into my comfy chair and caught up on some reading, using the threat of rain as an excuse to remain indoors all evening. I spoke with friends in the city who were out and about before, during and after their snowstorm last weekend. "You know, Phyllis," said Roz, "in the city it's just a bunch of slush. I went to my concert anyhow. I waited for the bus and then walked two blocks."
Everything is a matter of attitude and choice. Whatever decisions we make work for us today, and we don't have to be locked in to the same choices tomorrow, especially for us retirees who don't have to go to work or to school no matter what the conditions are.

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