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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Power to the people- Saturday, November 12, 2011

I just spent three days learning about community organizing and the importance of people sharing the stories of their lives with each other and by doing so, developing relationships of trust, through which we all become stronger and which enables us to form alliances with each other, especially those of us who have similar issues within our stories, in order to produce some joint action which will bring about change in some public way that is important to accomplish.
Here you have the reason I started this blog; by sharing my experiences as a caregiver to an Alzheimer diseased spouse, I hope to develop relationships with my readers. It is true that no Alzheimer patient's story is exactly replicated, we are all different people; however, our experiences as caregivers is similar enough that we can develop bonds which have the potential of freeing us from the isolation we all experience.So we provide support for each other, in person or technologic-ly. Perhaps hearing or reading about my story will help you in some way to understand this complicated process, get additonal help as needed from trusted resources, but is there more we can do?
My chapter today is about speaking up to the assisted living center where my husband resides. I needed to learn not to furnish the additional care he needs now by myself, but to sit down with the agency leaders and rework the care plan in order to meet Bob's changing needs.

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