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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Science News March 13, 2012

The science article I have chosen for today is titled Things Adult Medicine Could Learn from Pediatrics. It is a topic that has been near and dear to my  husband's heart all his adult life. When he saw the small size of needles which were first manufactured when his children were small, and the smaller test tubes of blood needed, he began to question why small needles and smaller amounts of blood couldn't be used for adults as well. He did succeed after his diagnosis with diabetes, that smaller needles be used for him and he was pleased. Now finally, everyone may be able to benefit from smaller needles, which hurt less. The idea that adults have "to tough it out" is finally waning.
I proudly have a new mantra which I repeat for 40 minutes every morning. I am back to walking two miles without knee pain! So join me now that spring is here and the weather is mild. Buns in, abs back, shoulders down and head in neutral. Repeat often, interspersed with sips of water, while wearing sun screen and a hat to guard against skin cancer.

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