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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Science News March 20, 2012

Today's news comes from About.comAlzheimer's/ Dementia site, which lists the names of celebrities with Alzheimer's disease.How many do you recognize? Did you know they had Alzheimer's disease?Joe Adcock, baseball player, Mabel Albertson, actor, Dana Andrews, actor, Rudolph Bing, opera impressario, James Brooks, artist, Charles Bronson, actor, film director, Abe Burrows, author, Carroll Campbell, former Republican senator, Joyce Chen, chef, Perry Como, singer and entertainer, Aaron Coepland, composer, Willem DeKooning, artist, Thomas Dorsey,singer,Tom Fears, professional football player and coach, Louis Feraud, fashion designer, Arlene Francis, actor, Barry Goldwater, Republican senator from Arizona. Those are only the ones from the first seven letters of the alphabet and only updated in 2006!

Another drug is now showing signs of slowing neurological damage and improving brain damage in mice. The drug, called EpoD, joins bexarotene, also a well-known cancer fighting drug. There is now even more hope to be able to treat folks with early-stage Alzheimer's disease. Meanwhile, antioxidants like vitamin e and vitamin c have been shown to be ineffective for improving or maintaining memory function. We who are children of Alzheimer's diseased parents just have to wait and see, exercise, eat right, reduce stress and in my humble opinion, do whatever we do in moderation, no megadoses of any one preventive, no extreme actions.

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