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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visiting at the Care Facility-Saturday, April 14, 2012

I spent a lovely hour yesterday after our support group meetng, sitting outdoors in the shade with my husband and two other residents of his memory care unit. Bob sat quietly, with his eyes closed, holding my hand, as I chatted with Thelma and Bill. We spoke about the different trees, the clouds and the blue sky. Thelma told how she was born in Oregon and was interred during the war, due to her ethnic origin. Well, she didn't say that part. She did say "It wasn't so bad. I was a child and had my family with me."
Bill remembered he was born in Eastern Montana, and left there as soon as he finished high school."Not much there," he rememered.
 He knows he's been married a really long time, and reckoned he is 84 or 88 years old. Bill asked me how long we've been married; when I answered him, he was amazed at how quickly those numbers came out from me, while he has such a hard time remembering. "But," he said, "I take one day at a time, take life as it is."
Then Bob opened his eyes and said, "Let's walk." So the four of us went for a walk and then we reentered the building, sitting for a while in lounge chairs  waiting for dinner to be served.

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