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Saturday, May 12, 2012

100 Words for Sunday, May 13, 2012

8 a.m. in the park, but can’t get across the access road as there’s a race in progress. Walking south, I meet several dog walkers who also want to cross the street. We decide to find a gap, run with the crowd and zigzag across; luckily no one trips or falls. Briskly through the Pinetum, around the Great lawn and the Reservoir returning home to shower and dress for Saturday services and a lecture on Jewish art and culture. At 2:30 I walk to the Jewish Museum to catch the Edouard Villard exhibit. Will I ever get enough of NY?

I feel so grateful that my knee is cooperating with all my walking; this evening I watched the sun set over the Hudson River as I sat on my favorite bench on the 72nd Street pier. I seem to accomplish more in a day here, especially with daylight savings time the day is an hour longer. I wonder if I appreciate the sun more because it shines so infrequently here; I don’t think so. I love the sunshine and being out of doors when the temperature is mild no matter how many days of sunshine I experience. I feel I am living up to my goals for this trip—to absorb the culture of the city, to prepare for the BookExpoAmerica exhibit and to promote my book. I am truly enjoying every moment.

Steve reports that Bob is doing well; today they went out for dinner at Bob’s request. He seemed to be waiting for Steve when he arrived, said, “I know who you are,” was dressed appropriately in shorts, shirt, sunglasses and hat and ready to go for a ride. After dinner, Bob asked to go home and was satisfied when they returned to Arbor Rose.

I feel so supported by my family.Linda, Dave, Austin and Grant sent me a bouquet of flowers. Steve sent a card that he and Bob bought together, but Bob had no idea of course.What a lovely Mother’s Day weekend; I wish all of you the same.

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  1. You will never get tired of New York and you dont have too. Enjoy it !! You worked hard and deserve to have a place you like so much. Good work on the blog.