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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

With Gratitude Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am bubbling with gratitude today for the people in my life--and Bob's because of the news I received yesterday of the wonderful care he is receiving at Arbor Rose Senior Center and from East Valley Hospice in Mesa, Arizona, while I am able to enjoy New York,  promote my book, take care of business and visit with our friends here.
Sue, my dear friend whom I met through the Arbor Rose day care and resident family support group, visits with her husband who is also in the memory care unit and reports to me her observations about my husband.

       "I think he's doing better. He's not shuffling as much. He's talking, although much of what he says doesn't make much sense. He's walking with his head up and he's complaining that he does not like the food," Sue shares.

Steve adds, "Bob had the 'best day of my life' he said, really. We spent three hours together, he ate every bite of food on his plate at The Village Inn, we went to Linda's house; he played with Grant and he even petted my hand as he does with you, I think to say thank you."
When they returned to Arbor Rose, Bob sat in a leather lounge chair and a careworker smiled at him and asked if he wold like some milk and cookies. Bob smiled back and said to Steve,"This is such a wonderful place. Everything is so nice and clean and the people are friendly. " Wow, I haven't heard such a long, relevant, positive comment in months! Thank you all.

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