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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2011

Today I was out registering voters. The group of volunteers is friendly and their politics resemble mine which makes me feel more at ease here in red Arizona.We were sent to stand in front of the library, approaching folks as they entered the building. The three of us registered fourteen voters in three hours, which the leaders thought was terrific. The group in my city, Mesa, registered fifty-seven total.
It doesn't matter to me with what party the registrants affiliate themselves; I am interested in a more well-read and informed electorate. By signing up for the PERVL, the permanent  early voter registration list, the voter will receive a booklet thirty days before each election, city, county, state and federal, which will not only name each candidate running for public office, but also provide a bio and list the candidate's position on the issues. Definitely a good use of my time while I await yet another proof copy of my book. The last one had errors in the cover, but the interior is perfect now.
This process feels slow; waiting and perfecting each item reminds me of the last weeks and days and hours of childbearing. I guess, in order to see change in the politics of Arizona, I will need, as much if not more, patience and diligence.

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