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Saturday, January 28, 2012

100 Words for Sunday, January 29, 2012

The man looks as if he were born with hay behind his ear; in fact his sandy-colored hair is sometimes in disarray, but it is so far above me when we’re both standing, I hardly notice. Darcy’s a new kind of Renaissance man, a t-shirt and sneakers guy whose pictures of himself in active Air Force Reserve officer’s uniform along with his photos of his lovely blond wife and three lanky children adorn the walls of his office. An R.N. by training, this warm- hugging, enthusiastic, energetic director exudes positive energy toward residents, staff and family members calmly, compassionately and with humility.
I am feeling good about Bob's move to Arbor Rose Senior Care-memory care center where Darcy is the Executive Director, which I will do next Wednesday, but frankly I've been stressed over the actual transition. I already moved in a week's worth of clothing, neatly folded or hung in his new closet. Everything is nicely furnished in a home-feeling way.Everything is provided for him, from toiletries to linens.This is all super, but how can I be with him and move his belongings at the same time? Neither Steve nor I is allowed to carry anything heavy; Bob would be too confused to observe this process.

I have just returned from dinner with everyone--Linda, Dave and Grant plus Steve --after the Pinewood Derby at the Cub Schout pack meeting today and they offered to move Bob's recliner,books  and bookcase on Tuesday and hang up his pictures. In this way, all I have to do is walk Bob across the street on Wednesday and remain with him until Steve arrives. Linda and I will then collect the rest of  Bob's belongings from his old room to bring home.
I feel so much better.

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