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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Very Busy Week

There is absolutely no time for me to read the New York Times this week. It is moving week. Yesterday, Linda and Dave met me at the care facility at 10:30. My task was to distract Bob as they moved his bookcase, easy chair and four boxes of books to Bob's new home across the street at Arbor Rose. However, when we arrived, Bob was standing in the foyer, holding Ashley's hand. She informed me they were going on a scenic drive!
We had ample time to hang pictures and to make Bob's room look comfy.
Steve and I walked Bob over the day before, just to have a look around. When Bob saw the room, he put his hands in his pocket, upset. "I don't have any money," he exclaimed, thinking this is a hotel room.
On Tuesday afternoon, I returned to visit. Bob and I sat for an hour on a glider outdoors in the sun. He talked about how lucky he feels, "just to sit here with the sun on my neck, holding your hand. It makes me feel warm, like a good connect." This was such a clear thought, I felt tears forming in my eyes. As he continued with unintelligible words, he even said, "I'm not making any sense now." And he was right again!
Today, Austin and Linda will come to move Bob's headboard and bed frame because the new one is too high for us short folk to sit on comfortably. They will move the picture of the Brookyln skyline from the wall above his bed, so when Bob and I return from our scenic ride his room will be perfect. We will have lunch with Steve at Arbor Rose and Steve will keep Bob company as Linda and I clean out the old space and donate the rest of his furniture to Furniture for Hope, an organization that helps homeless people when they obtain apartments, to furnish them.
Meanwhile, the press release for Put That Knife Away has been distributed to 1825 outlets and the emails and requests for review copies are flooding my inbox.

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