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Friday, February 10, 2012

Reversal of Alzheimer's disease in mice

An existing cancer treatment has been found to remove 50% of plaques in Alzheimer diseased mice. The mice who formerly "forgot" how to make a nest from facial tissue, after receiving the medication used the tissue to make a nest. Others who had previously been given a shock when they entered a cage and repeatedly re-entered the cage anyway, didn't enter the cage after the treatment with this drug.
Trials in humans will begin within a few months because this drug is already FDA approved. The researchers suggest much caution as they report they have previously found chemicals that reverse Alzheimer's disease in mice which have no effect on humans.Putting this information together with the finding last week in separate research that Alzheimer's disease travels from cell to cell, this drug is still far from curing the disease, even if it works to remove plaque that has already been formed by the destruction of material within the cell.
There is money being spent on research, not enough it's true; the media are keeping Alzheimer's disease on page one. These are good signs which focus attention on the need for better treatments and a cure for Alzheimer's soon.Reversal of Alzheimer's disease in mice

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