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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Misson Accomplished

My friend Adele calls it " a precise military action, complete with secrets, subterfuge, and coordinating units operating together."
True, on Tuesday, Bob was taken on a bus ride, so we could get his new room decorated. On Wednesday, I am with Bob at the fruit and vegetable stand to purchase a bag of oranges to donate to his new community while the finishing touches are being made to his room by Linda and Austin, when I get a call that the residents were eating lunch at the Day Club, which Bob has not liked in the past. We switched plans, and all met at the Village Inn for lunch.
Steve took Bob with him to get Steve's truck washed to spend some time after lunch while Linda and I cleaned out Bob's old room; until Steve called, fearing Bob had had an "accident" which needed immediate attention. We all met at the new home; Bob allowed the caregiver to attend to his "false alarm" as we waited to see his reaction to the new environment.
When Bob willing accompanied a worker to the Day Club for snack, we left to meet the volunteers who were collecting the furniture. "My fantasy," I shared with Linda, "would be that we get back there and the volunteers have already come and gone and the room is empty."
Wish fulfilled, as Leslie informed us when we arrived at Mesa House.
Working as a well-oiled machine, my family and I accomplished this move for our beloved, sweet husband, stepfather and grandfather without any need for him to feel anxiety or concern, only love.

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