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Thursday, February 23, 2012


It is so rewarding for me to receive the responses by email, by phone and by reviews from folks who have read "the book." Even adult children who were caregivers to parents who have since passed, read the book and wish it had been available when they were experiencing the isolation of caregiving while they, unfortunately, relive their experiences by reading about my family's journey. It is also rewarding to see that Arbor Rose Senior Care will now distribute copies of the book to prospective day club and resident's families.

I can't say enough good things about Arbor Rose Memory Care Center. Yesterday, my son Steve couldn't find Bob in the residence or in the Day Club. Arriving back at the residence after a caregiver phoned the residence to find where Bob was spending his time, Steve found him with a caregiver in the laundry room, "helping" to fold his laundry. Bob loves following the staff around, especially the young women, of course. Everyone treats him warmly, offering hugs along with a smile and words of encouragement.

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