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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday's science news

There is so much in the news about Alzheimer's disease. The one study shows the beneficial effect of exercise for folks who have the Alzheimer's gene, so keep on walking, running, dancing and going to the gym folks as it's always better to be healthy, whether or not you have the gene. I am sidelinedfor a while by a torn meniscus cartilage and a stress fracture in my knee, but not for long.
The next is a long article which can be found online at Search for "Alzheimer's."It's the local newspaper here in the Phoenix area of Arizona. Three days ago, a staff writer named Karina Bland interviewed a fifty year-old woman who has early onset Alzheimer's disease. She eloquently describes what she feels is happening to her and to her husband/caregiver. It's the first time I have a glimpse of the subjective experience of the person who has the disease. Others have not been able to either recognize their own symptoms or cannot articulate what they are experiencing. I recommend it highly. It's just too long to reprint here.
My whole family attended the Open House for the Arbor Rose Assisted Living and Memory Care Centers which will open next week. The setting is lovely but most important, the people are so warm and caring-- for each other--before they even meet our loved ones who will be entering their home as residents. Darcy showed everyone his copy of my book and even indicated on what page his name is to be found!!

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