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Sunday, September 9, 2012

100 words for Sunday, September 9, 2012

I sit to write about what has mattered most to me this past week. I am so upset that Steve has hurt himself again and amazed that he can keep up his good spirits although he is in pain and needs to wear a soft cast. I feel gratified that Bob ate his whole meal when we took him to dinner tonight. I love that my daughter Linda is taking new Zumba classes with me, but mostly I feel reassured that working to get out the November vote is the right thing for liberal me to be doing right now.
No, I am not going to get political in this blog. If you want to see my political views click on my facebook page. I do want to see more money allocated to Alzheimer research and caregivers' needs for respite, socializing, medical treatment and managing the challenging situations presented to us each day.Living in Arizona makes me feel so badly for Mexican people who have come here to provide a life for their families and to see them discriminated against in edicts such as not issuing the them driver's licenses in a huge state sorely lacking in public transportation.I wish there were a safe way for people to flee violence and come to our country. We need young people who are determined to study and to succeed. Although I understand the issues, the compassionate side of me worries when any minority group is singled out for disrespect.
September has always been a month for assessing my feelings about my life, about change and renewal. What have I accomplished so far? What am I willing to commit to doing now? Where shall I devote my energies? What will make me feel good about myself and about my connections to my family and to the greater community in which I live?
I have completed the first draft of the book describing my feelings about my relatives' experiences and mine during and since World War II and I have sent the manuscript to some family members and to some friends to read. If any of you is interested, please let me know. At this point I have not decided whether to publish it or not.

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