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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Smiles September 16, 2012

Finding something to smile about is often rare. Sometimes it seems as if life is one serious event after another, but here’s a cute story. When the careworker Jennifer explained at our meeting that Bob refused the male worker’s help in showering, stating “Why should you take my clothes off? Do you want to see me naked?” and he also refused her help, stating, “I am a married man,” Bob stated, “That’s okay. She (pointing to me) is only number one. You can be number two and she (pointing to the hospice nurse) can be number three.” Sense of humor present!

A few days of increased meds and Bob is feeling much better, less agitated, eating his meals and taking a shower when asked. He is wearing clean clothes daily once again. He seems content to spend our visits on campus, wanting only to walk outside the gates for a while, to sit in the shade and to talk about the local trees, rocks and flowers. He has not asked to see tools or to go to a restaurant to eat.

Did you know that September is Alzheimer’s month and that wearing purple indicates your support of Alzheimer’s disease research? Do you know that the Alzheimer’s Association sponsors walks in many towns and cities to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and that you could find one near you during these next few weeks and months? There’s one in Phoenix on November 3rd. These walks are the biggest source of raised revenue for the organization during the entire year. Check out their website to find out more information on joining a walk, finding a team or donating money.

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