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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Remember to Vote, early or on time. Sept. 30, 21012

The first presidential debate will occur on Wednesday. As we listen, let us ask the following questions:

1. Which candidate will support Alzheimer’s research for a cure with a commitment for another 100 million dollars?

2. Who will spend money to support the 14 million caregivers of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia victims?

3. Who will commit to providing financial relief to the often impoverished spouses of demented loved ones who need the safety and protection of residential care?

4.  Who will keep the funding for the police to find missing demented loved ones when they have wandered away from home?

5. Who will provide respite care for the millions of family members who keep their loved ones at home?

6. Who will support end of life discussions with medical and mental health providers so that families know what is reasonable to expect and what drastic measures if any should be taken at end of life?

Get educated. Listen carefully and Vote— vote in your best interest for the candidate who will support you and your family member or friend who has or may soon be afflicted with this devastating disease. It could even be you or me.


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