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Saturday, September 22, 2012

After the Monsoon 100 Words for Sunday, Sept 23, 2012

The yellow-marker painted sun pokes through the light blue construction paper sky which is dotted with cotton balls and Elmer’s glue. The desert is gouged by new canyons and washes of sandy soil, while hopeful plants show their gratitude by displaying their brightest orange and purple hues.
The desert is alive with constant change.  I see destruction by wind and rain and beauty in renewed life. I too look for hopeful signs as the seasons turn yet again. The light of recognition, a smile, the simple joy of a hand held, as the winter of Alzheimer’s lengthens.

Today was a great day. Steve and I visited with Bob in his room for a half hour with no demands, no agitation and some real conversation. We examined the picture on Bob's Popular Science magazine cover that Bob recognized as a plane that "flies out the back" of an aircraft carrier.Then my husband suggested we go to a restaurant to eat "real food." He chose his usual egg meal by pointing to the picture on the Village Inn menu, waited patiently drinking his coffee while his meal was prepared and ate every morsel. Steve and I, ridiculously perhaps, feel proud when Bob eats!
After dinner, we went to Sports Clips and both Steve and Bob had Super haircuts with hot towels, shampoo and head massage. Bob said, "I like it here. Thank you."




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  1. Really good imagery. ...Elmers glue, perfect. And destruction, then renewal of life. So good that Bob feels gratitude & can recognize the military plane. Your blog means a lot.