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Sunday, June 17, 2012

100 words for Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hardware, software, interference everywhere. My life is electronically challenged. In New York, my microwave’s motor burned out, costing me a GE visit plus a new unit to be installed. Then  my easy-pay Metrocard wouldn’t work until I changed the expiration date on the credit card. In Arizona my reliable car needed to be towed to the dealer because its battery dried out, the internet won’t connect to the wireless router unless I pay a woman in Bangalore, India and the laser printer needs a new ink cartridge.  I am so grateful  that the people part of my life is good.  

My friends here welcome me warmly; some have by now read my book and know me a bit better. We hosted a Special Needs service yesterday which was so warm--and not from the 106 degree heat outside--that I will bring Bob to the next one.
He might like it, but mostly he likes going out . We went to the airplane museum yesterday. He marveled at the size of the space, the care being taken of the antique planes and the amount of money keeping this museum open must cost. He ate a slice of pizza and drank a coke for a snack and we completed his outing with a trip to Home Depot.
Happy Father's Day. Not  only did Bob participate in the day, he was verbal and relevant.
What an awful illness this is. When Bob is "here" it is so important to provide stimulating experiences for him so he doesn't get depressed and then agitated. But his life is lived in the moment with little or no recall so it is so hard to meet his fluctuating, demanding needs

Today it is reported to reach 111 degrees so remaining in the airconditioning is a must.Happy Father's Day to all the fathers, uncles and cousins who provide love and care for children of all ages.

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