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Friday, June 8, 2012

An Investment Friday, June 8, 2012

The show is over; we sold or distributed all of the copies of the book we brought, we received two offers of contracts to distribute Put That Knife Away nationally, we entered into a Mom Awards project, made a video to use for marketing, have many new leads to follow up for marketing and speaking engagements and learned SO much about the publishing business.
We met many people; some who came to our booth shared their stories about caring for or losing someone dear to them from Alzheimer's disease. All were sure this book serves an important function to support caregivers today. One reviewer said upon merely glancing through the pages of the book that it seemed to him to be " a caregiver support group between the covers of a book."
For me personally, the show was a success; it validated my decision to self-publish. Even learning how to navigate the showroom floors and the huge venue of the Javits Center was an achievement that looked daunting on the first day. Nora and Diane and I worked well together as I researched the booths we needed to visit, they found the folks and I went to speak only to the ones they had pre-screened for me. Adele helped too, sitting at the booth when both Nora and I were speaking with others away from our booth which was located in the far back of the showroom.
All of the leads we gathered into a notebook with business cards attached. This will be my airplane reading --to sort and to organize my responses--- on Monday when I fly to Arizona to be once again with my family.

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