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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Day of BookExpoAmerica

What a week this has been. So exciting, so full of  interest in my book Put That Knife Away. I will have a contract for book distribution by the end of next week! Books will soon be available in your local bookstore!!
The reading last night at the SAJ was so comforting.  Bob and my friends from the past 10 years were on hand to listen to me read from the book, to ask questions, to offer words of praise and support --- and to buy autographed books.
Nora, Adele, Herbie, Joan, Chester and Diane have been such remarkable helpers, running around the show bringing the promotional materials to distributors, small publishers, e-book marketers. I have so much follow-up work to do, but it will be a pleasure to thank all of these folks for their interest in our efforts to support caregivers.See my page at

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