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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday's Continuing Challenges 6/19/2012

"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." That is the test sentence for the keyboard as it contains every letter in the alphabet. Everyone liked reading about my technical  challenges on Sunday. Here are a few more. The woman in Bangalore is STILL working to fix  my Western Digital backup hard drive; the car dealership called to tell me that not only has the battery not arrived, a tow truck rammed my car and dented the rear door and they have to send the car to the body shop to have it repaired.
Steve and I took Bob out for Father’s Day dinner and he ate nothing; it is 107 degrees outside right now at 8 p.m.Monday, down from 112! The cursor on my laptop keeps skipping, making typing a huge chore. However, my Kindle Fire is working well and I am getting lots of thumb practice.
Arizona desert weather in the summertime is like blizzard weather back East. Although I was able to walk at 5:30 this morning and do a few chores afterwards, I have been “confined to quarters,” as Bob used to say mimicking his Army years, by the heat. By next summer my body will adjust and I will be cold when it is 70 degrees just like the native desert dwellers.

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